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Sorbet Twist

  • created 2017
  • estremoz rosa marble & granite
  • 29”H x 8”W x 7”D (74cmH x 20cmW x 18cmD)
  • private collection, North Vancouver, BC, Canada

Michael Binkley carved this original stone sculpture from a variety of marble that was quarried at Estremoz, Portugal and has a soft pink tone to it. Binkley purchased a large block of this marble several years ago when he was working at Studio SEM in Pietrasanta, Italy in 2008. Over the years, the sculptor used portions of the block for other sculptures and this is the last part of that block. The figure is mounted on a cube of black granite.

For a long time, Binkley thought the tall, vertical remainder of the block would make a nice female nude and finally in 2017, he got to work and “Sorbet Twist” is the result. The artist has carved a female torso in the classical contrapposto pose, with the figure’s weight being borne on her right leg, her right shoulder is dropped and pushed back and her left arm reaches up. Elements of her anatomy are evident, such as hip bones, scapula and pilonidal dimples, but Binkley has softened the musculature details in his signature style. The composition engages the viewer to complete the figure in their head.

The surfaces of the nude are polished to a matte satin finish that is wonderful to the touch and gives the marble the ability to successfully hold shadow. This is important so the eye can see the subtle details of the figure. The sculpture stands on a base of absolute black granite that has been polished to a high sheen which is in contrast to the matte surface of the nude.

This particular piece of rosa marble has a large crystal structure and a subtle green band of colour wraps around her ribcage, just under the breasts. The overall pink hue is perfect for the subject.