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The Harp

  • created 2020
  • carrara bianco marble & granite
  • 23”H x 9.5”W x 9.5”D (58cmH x 24cmW x 24cmD)
  • private collection, PA, USA

This abstract sculpture was inspired by the shape of the shard of stone that I split off the large wedge shaped piece of marble I carved The Swan from.


I took advantage of the very thin edge of the wedge, managing to keep it sound and the result is that light can penetrate the sculpture and cast a soft glow that is illustrated in the last photo on the left. The sail-like form, supported by the thick, curved edge reminded me of an ancient lyre harp. The smooth, matte finish of the marble allows it to hold shadows beautifully.


As the piece is very thin and vertical, I’ve secured it with a steel pin into the black granite base. It is a surprisingly light weight sculpture for its size.