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To the Edge

  • created 2003
  • glacier white granite
  • 19”H x 7”W x 6.5”D (48cmH x 18cmW x 16cmD)
  • private collection, Naramata, BC, Canada

Sculptor Michael Binkley used an off cut from a larger sculpture project for “To the Edge.” This original fine art stone sculpture is carved from a variety of light grey granite that is quarried in the area of Whistler, BC, Canada.


Binkley wanted to carve a human face, but leave half of it hidden in the original granite block. The result is an elongated composition of the left side of a bald male head. Binkley engages the viewer by challenging them to complete the right and back side of the head in their own mind. The artist cut two flat planes on the front of the granite black to echo the planes of the figure’s face. Binkley left fine chisel marks on the surface of the face and polished the outside surfaces of the original block to a smooth matte finish.