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Progress of Changsha Granite Sculpture

Michael Binkley sculptor in stone changsha international sculpture festival
It has been almost three weeks since I began work on my monumental granite sculpture for the Changsha International Sculpture Arts Festival 2014. I am pictured here working on the male nude’s left shoulder.

A small detail arose before the sculpture was turned right side up – I had asked that the sculpture be 2.5 m or 8 ft. tall, however I discovered the piece is actually 3.6 m or almost 12 feet tall. I am 5.75 ft. tall, so you can get an idea of just how tall this sculpture is!

I need scaffolding in order to reach the upper parts of the sculpture, and I am working upward and downward clockwise around the piece. The pattern is somewhat like a sine wave, but I want to work all the way around and then go back to do more detail in places if time permits. You can see I have not worked on the figure’s arms that are facing the camera, but have worked the female’s body and face.

The weather has been either overcast or sunny. Last weekend the heat and humidity were excruciating. This week has been more comfortable with little rain. As my piece is so tall, the Festival cannot supply an awning to go over me and the sculpture, but as long as the rain stays away, I’ll be fine.

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