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Sculpture by The Sea – Bondi Beach, Australia

I keep a list of things to do and places to experience before I leave this earth. I’ve had the list for a long time, from a fairly young age and I more often add to the list then delete an item. I never write it down for fear of giving the universe a numeric path to the end of my days (wierd, but you never know, do you?). Sometimes I see a travel show and say to Michael “Oh,….the list just grew…”. He grins or rolls his eyes, depending on whether or not the new item on the list is something he may like to do too.

I don’t share items on my list that often (for no particular reason), but today here’s one item – Attend Sculpture by The Sea at Bondi Beach in Sydney, Australia. I’ve read about the exhibition numerous times and seen many a photo to make you stop and think. I was on their website the other day and there were so many pictures to choose from, to accompany this post. I chose the sculpture titled “Domestic Bliss” by artist Peter Tilley (photo: Clyde Lee).

It speaks to me for a few reasons.

The view of the ocean reminds me of the view from our home, looking over Michael’s studio and across Burrard Inlet. I also have a slight obsession with dogs and the title is quite endearing. The stance of the figure also pulls at my heartstrings as I know I have a travellers heart and it seems like the figure is pondering where his next adventure will take him….

I highly recommend enjoying a cup of hot coffee or tea and heading to their website here for a look at some fabulous design goodness.