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Black Twist

  • created 2020
  • black granite & marble
  • 11”H x 6”W x 6”D    (28cmH x 15cmW x 15cmD)
  • $1,350.00  SOLD

This abstract female torso is carved from absolute black granite which was quarried in India. I’ve polished the surfaces to a high gloss finish that reflects light and does not hold shadows as effectively as a matte finish. However, this spectacular midnight black granite’s colour is best exhibited when the stone is highly polished.


I’ve reduced the representational elements of the female figure to simple planes and edges, but the hourglass shape and contrapposto pose is still evident. I’ve accentuated a sweeping edge from the left hip that corkscrews up across the front of the figure to the right shoulder and then it cuts back down to the centre of the chest.


Although an abstract, these compositional elements give the sculpture dynamic movement and the viewer’s eye is carried around the sculpture.