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Eye of the Storm

  • created 2009
  • carrra petacchi marble
  • 20”H x 17”W x 6”D (51cmH x 43cmW x 15cmD)
  • $3,900.00

I carved this sculpture in 2009 and exhibited it at our annual “Sculpture in the Garden” show of that Spring, which was held at our old gallery location in North Vancouver, BC, Canada. I sold it at the show and it has been enjoyed by the patrons until now. The family of the owners are seeking to find a new home for this sculpture, where it will continue to be loved.


In 2006, I made my first pilgrimage to Pietrasanta, Italy, where stone sculptors from around the world have congregated to carve the famous white marble quarried in nearby Carrara. Since my epiphany to follow the life of a stone sculptor in 1980, I have always longed to return to the country of inspiration and carve marble under the Tuscan sun. On this trip, I selected and shipped home a container of Carrara marble and this sculpture is carved from some of that stone.


Often, shapes will recur in an artist’s repertoire and circles and ellipses interest me. One will note many of my compositions are contained and draw the viewer’s eye around my sculptures. This abstract contains three echoing circles, one inside the other. The outside edge is a circle that defines the heavy positive body of the piece. I’ve carved a negative circular depression, offset from centre on each side of the sculpture and finally, a circular hole pierces the piece, allowing the viewer to see through the sculpture. And from the side, the composition reveals an ovoid shape. For textural contrast, I’ve used a matte finish on the convex surfaces and polished the base and concave surfaces to a high gleam finish.


The sculpture is secured to the base with a stainless steel pin.


The title is derived from the patterning of the grey and white striations that swirl like violent storm clouds around the calmness if the serine central void.