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  • created 2011
  • bardiglio marble & glass
  • 10.5”H x 14”W x 6”D (26cmH x 36cmW x 15cmD)
  • $1,500.00

Michael Binkley carved this original fine art stone sculpture of a hammerhead shark from a piece of grey bardiglio marble that comes from Carrara, Italy. While Carrara is famous for its varieties of white marble, it also produces this beautiful grey marble.


Binkley chose to make this wildlife sculpture’s surface a silky smooth matte finish that is wonderful to touch, yet gives the marble the ability to hold shadow successfully. When bardiglio marble is polished to a high sheen, it is a soft dove grey colour, however when left matte and waxed, it takes on a much darker grey colour. This method of finish seemed fitting to best match the skin colour of a shark.


Binkley mounted the fish on a base of glass that has a napped edge to give the illusion of water. It is connected by a brass pin that is free to allow one to easily turn the shark to any viewing angle and the sculpture can be removed from the base for easy transport.