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Making the Space


  • created 2020
  • black granite & bronzed silver steel
  • 20.5”H x 11.5”W x 5.5”D    (52cmH x 29cmW x 14cmD)
  • $2,500.00

This is my first sculpture utilizing a 3D printed element. I sculpted the female figure in ZBrush in virtual space on my computer and had the file printed in steel with a bronzed silver finish. Up close, the 3D printing lines make the figure look like it is made of wood.

I broke a black granite slab in two pieces, lashed them together and sculpted the ellipse form as one piece. As the two sides were not equal, I chose to have the heavier side as the base of the composition. Once the female figure was secured between the granite pieces, it appears as though the top piece is levitating in space. The figure seems to be pushing the smaller granite piece away, opening up the ellipse and “making the space” between. I’ve mounted these three elements onto an elliptical shape black granite base and tipped the ellipse askew to add further dynamism and tension to the composition.

The figure has hidden pins that secure her and the granite pieces from moving, yet the ellipse is free to turn on the base.