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The Swan

  • created 2020
  • carrara bianco marble & granite
  • 28”H x 34”W x 12”D (71cmH x 86cmW x 30cmD)
  • $8,500.00

This abstract female reclining torso was inspired by the wedge-shaped marble block I carved it from and a simple line drawing in my sketchbook. This is the last of 14 sculptures that I partially worked in a Seravezza, Italy studio in 2018 and completed in my own studio in Canada.


The physically heavy sculpture has the illusion of weightlessness as the white marble touches the black granite base only at the point of the hidden steel pin. The smooth, curving surfaces that describe the form and the undulating arris edges cast beautiful shadows. I’ve described the left shoulder blade as a negative space and blended the neck and shoulders into the curved extended right arm.