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Searching for the Lost Sculptures Project Update

michael binkley facebook project

I started a Facebook project last year wherein I am searching for pictures of sculptures that I have carved in my 30+ year career as a professional artist. I estimate that I’ve carved over 10,000 creations, including utilitarian items such as flower vases, firerocks, benches, and knives as well as tons of fine art sculptures. These have made their way to every continent of the globe, but I did not photograph every single one.

I have been asking my collectors to take a candid photograph of their Binkley and email it to me along with the date it was carved, and the city and country in which it resides. I am pleased to report that to date, we have discovered about 12% of those sculptures. They are listed in five albums on my Facebook page, so take a look.

I had one fan contact me, thinking this project was a serious attempt to find what she thought I’s actually lost, or had stolen! I assure everyone that this is only a game – purely for the fun of it.

I realize that I probably will not find them all. Not everyone is computer or digital photography literate and many sculptures were given as gifts and have gone home to an unknown location. Example: I did a commission in the Spring of 1990 for the Ricoh Electronics company of 1,000 small white birds sculptures. These were given to conference dignitaries in Vancouver, but I’ll never know where the recipients went home to.

If you have not participated, and would like to, please email me a photo of your Binkley and I will add it to the list. Please include the date (the year is a two digit number after my signature) and the city and country that it resides. No more details are needed, for security. And if you know someone who has one of my sculptures, let them know.

It will be interesting to see how many I’ll be up to next year.

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