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Snowy Day in Binkley Sculpture Garden

michael binkley sculptor in stone sculpture garden


We have had the good fortune to wake up to a fresh snowfall this morning here in Vancouver, Canada and it formed some pleasing patterns on the sculptures in the garden.

“Virasana,” “Il Volo,” “Backdrop of Time,” “Gaudi’s Eye,” and “Shadow Fronds” (above) were all cloaked in a jacket of white flakes – each with a slightly different garment. Overnight, the snowflakes were tiny and abundant, allowing them to catch on the smallest textural portion of each sculpture and build up in these lovely arrangements.

We thought it would be fun to share how Mother Nature has interacted with my art works.

While we were driving around to today doing Christmas errands, Michelle remarked that she loved that in these snowy instances, she loved that the deciduous trees have a chance to be dressed up and for a moment can be a festive as their conifer colleagues. I marvel at her sensitivity and artistic eye.

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