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Stay in Touch With Your Inner Child for Optimum Creativity

Michael is one serious personality. On some issues he is very “black and white” – I mix it up and add the “gray”. He is tenacious and prolific, committed and dedicated to his chosen calling of sculpting stone. Sometimes he digs in his heels and then a discussion ensues. Other times he is laid back, accommodating and generous. And then there’s his clowning around – this is where things REALLY happen.

If there is a toy, gadget or something that moves he is all over it. No big wheel (as shown above) goes unridden, no LEGO set is passed by – he is a kid at heart. For the children we know, this is good news as “Uncle Mike” is always at the ready to build a fort, make a sand castle or help stack blocks to super heights. Michael is constantly fascinated by toys and childish notions. He loves to play.

I think the fact that he is still in touch with his inner child really helps to foster creativity and keeps his mind open to bigger ideas and pure, plain fun. If you think about it, we have alot to learn from children – they have limitless boundaries and are always open to play and have fun.

There’s a fabulous TED Talks by Adora Svitlak, a 13 yr. old child prodigy. Her words of wisdom are shared in a succinct manner. Check it out here.

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