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The LEGO Inspiration

I received a small kit of LEGO blocks in my stocking this year – Santa knows that I keep the child inside alive. It took me back to my childhood and tweens, when LEGO was my favourite toy. I’d spend hours amusing myself creating planes, cars, trucks, spaceships, skyscrapers. These were some of my first experiences creating in three dimensions and no doubt assisted me in exercising my formative sculptor’s mind. The fundamental difference in this creative process is that it is an additive process, as opposed to stone sculpture being a subtractive process.

It still remains a fantastic toy, as the pieces are tough, durable and one can create infinite variations of designs.

I’ve since discovered a fellow sculptor that uses LEGO as a medium to create sculptures. While Nathan Sawaya has a wide range of imagery, I’m drawn to his monochromatic figure sculptures the most because the human figure is my favourite subject.

Now, LEGO is not cheap to buy – and I thought my medium of stone was expensive!

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