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The Sculpting Process – Before and After

These two photos are of a 6′ tall limestone sculpture called “Awakening”. The before picture shows where the stone has a rough drawing on it, and the finished sculpture is in the after photo. The photos got me thinking of Michael’s sculpting process.

The sculpting process is hard to define to the layman. Next to Michael, I suppose I am the next best person to try and put into words what his process is – where does he come up with the ideas, how does he start, and which stones go with what sculpture ideas?

These questions are many, and as time goes by we’ll attempt to bring you closer to understanding the artistic and/or sculpting process. It’s a multi-faceted process and unique to the individual artist, but after 30 years we are getting closer to a refined definition.  Or maybe not….check back often for more discussions on this..

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