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Tribute to a Well-Loved Wag

Dear Scully,

I heard the news of your passing while at work today and after composing myself in the bathroom for tearful eyes and a foggy head, I decided to write a few words to let the world know all about my friend, the black and white beauty.

I met you when you were but a young pup, in the back seat of your Mom’s car outside her work. You were composed and dignified and shook my hand. You soon became a member of the family and a leg of a tripod between yourself and L2s – you just as equally strong and sturdy in life as your human counterparts. The three of you were a powerful force – running after squirrels, mousing in the snowy banks of Alberta, hiking the trails of Greater Vancouver.

There was no road trip you couldn’t endure – travel complete with cushions, blankets, foamies and the like were well deserved. Because you came first, there was limited room in the car for anything else so you had enough room to stretch out your silky legs.

I have vivid memories of the six weeks you stayed with us while your Moms went to Spain to work. You were content to go for short walks and live underneath the desk in our office. You became somewhat of a hermit, and even when Josie brought you toys all day, you’d have nothing but a Zen existence. At first I was concerned that you weren’t social. Then I started spending time with you under the desk and learned the valuable lesson of “just being”, and as Eckart Tolle says of dogs “they live in the moment before thought”. True, and I learned from the best teacher.

I will miss the smell of your head, your stubborn ways,  the way your nose could smell a fraction of a dropped cookie crumb in the next yard and the way you gave us love bites upon greeting. Goodbye sweet wag in all your glory and finesse – you will be very missed and always in our thoughts. Please say hi to Rusty and tell him we miss him.

Love Auntie Michy

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  • Sandra Hill-McCowan

    January 31, 2012

    Please except my condolences on the passing of Scully. Even in death he will not desert you. When it is time for you to pass, he will come for you and lead you on your journey. You will mourn. You will not get over it. It will get through it. God bless you and Scully, you constant companion.
    Sandra Hill-McCowan

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