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Underwater Sculpture

I came across this example of sculpture used in a most wonderful way. It is sculpture that is displayed under water, and they have been purposely placed to form artificial reefs.

The Artist, Jason de Caires Taylor is the creator of these brilliant sculptures that help form new coral growth, which in turn increases the area of available reefs to promote feeding, breeding and refuge areas for marine life. This is about as green as Art can get – helping out Mother Nature in the best possible way.

I particularly like the pieces “Silent Evolution” and “Lost Correspondent”. The following quote from the Artist’s website is most informative regarding the viewing of three-dimensional objects when submersed in water:

“The experience of being underwater is vastly different from that of being on land. There are physical and optical considerations that must be taken into account. Objects appear twenty five percent larger underwater, and as a consequence they also appear closer. Colours alter as light is absorbed and reflected at different rates, with the depth of the water affecting this further. The light source in water is from the surface, this produces kaleidoscopic effects governed by water movement, currents and turbulence. Water is a malleable medium in which to travel enabling the viewer to become active in their engagement with the work. The large number of angles and perspectives from which the sculptures can be viewed increase dramatically the unique experience of encountering the works.”